Visiting CrossFitters

Below are our drop in policies. We welcome drop in's to any of our classes. You can find our schedule, workout of the day, sign the waiver, and pay the drop in fee on the home page. Please choose the class time on the scheduler that you want to attend and fill out the questions asked. We will contact you to confirm your drop in is approved. If anyone will be dropping in with you please have them complete this process also. Drop in classes are $20 per class or $60 for the week.

1. You have been a member of another CrossFit affiliate for 1 month or longer.

2. You have completed a CrossFit elements, foundations, on ramp, or other CrossFit personal training that has prepared you for CrossFit class and the movements that we use.

3. You are respectful of our gym, show up on time, listen to our coaches, and clean up after yourself.

Contact Us

  • 214 Mac Arthur Ave,
  • New Windsor, NY 12553
  • (845) 762-1651
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About CFNW

We are a community of everyday people from all walks of life. Our members have an interest in learning about health, fitness, and movement. As a group we support and welcome anyone who desires to work hard and chase goals.